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I revel in the small overlooked details and in the grand vistas. New discoveries can be made every single day, anywhere in the world.

Giulia and Julie with Liberty Bell on North Cascades Highway

Driving Washington’s North Cascades Highway

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The weekend highlight was driving the North Cascades Highway (WA 20).   Giulia hit the road on a Friday afternoon destined for Wenatchee, WA to rendezvous with my friend N with the goal of driving over the North Cascades Highway on Saturday. This initial part of the road trip is not a particularly scenic or…

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Julie K photographing over Giulia, Grand Tetons National Park

17 Days, 7 Ski Towns, 3000 Miles: Part 3

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17 Days, 7 Ski Towns, 3000 Miles: Part 3 Past the half way point of the trip, it was time to head north again. Along the way, I picked up A, one of my best friends from college. Our goal was to take a scenic route towards Jackson, Wyoming. Along Highway 40, we discovered Blue…

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Julie and white dogs hiking, Hosier Pass

17 Days, 7 Ski Towns, 3000 Miles: Part 2

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17 Days, 7 Ski Towns, 3000 Miles: Part 2 After two days recovery and work, Giulia, the two white dogs and I were on the road again. The destination was the Colorado ski town of Breckenridge and the Baldy Ridge Chalet. Birthday celebration in Breckenridge Finding a Covid-friendly way to celebrate your 40th birthday with…

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Giulia logo on back of car

Finding Giulia

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I instantly fell in love with the black and cognac interior. From the rich color contrast, to the smooth, rounded contours and the fine texture of the leather seats, the feeling was instantly sensual and invigorating.   My good friend told me, “Buy the one you love.” So at 9 p.m. on a Sunday night,…

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Giulia & Julie in hangar at sunset

Travel & Turning 40 in a Pandemic

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Travel & Turning 40   Since I was a teenager, I had the goal of traveling the world. But as an achiever, I was committed to my education. So I told myself to put my head down and slog through the eight years of college and dental school. Then I would travel.   My first…

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Giulia in front of Twin Gables B&B, Skamokawa

How to Relax in Skamokawa

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Have you ever arrived in a place and instantly felt relaxed?   The feeling of instantaneous and complete relaxation does not manifest itself easily for many of us. We are focused on our goals, constantly moving forward, and only occasionally savoring the moment. Even when we travel to beautiful places to relax, we often bring…

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You’ve found something fascinating, here, in your articulation of the texture concept. Saying the word, ‘texture’ almost compels one to feel it. I found myself thinking, too, after reading your stories, about the feeling of time slowing in those moments, about the time it takes to allow texture to do its work on us, about allowing beauty and awe and healing.


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