17 Days, 7 Ski Towns, 3000 Miles: Part 2

My 40th birthday road trip

Written by Julie K.

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17 Days, 7 Ski Towns, 3000 Miles: Part 2

After two days recovery and work, Giulia, the two white dogs and I were on the road again. The destination was the Colorado ski town of Breckenridge and the Baldy Ridge Chalet.

Julie and white dogs hiking, Hosier Pass

Birthday celebration in Breckenridge

Finding a Covid-friendly way to celebrate your 40th birthday with several friends and their families presents a challenge. I looked for a town and large home with plenty of outdoor space and activities for everyone to enjoy, a big kitchen and eating area, and multiple suites for each family unit to stay in.

Breckenridge is a family-friendly ski town with a colorful village and a plethora of hiking and biking trails in the surrounding mountains. The ski area is huge with something for everybody, although I have yet to experience its winter goodness. If the winds blowing through this corridor were any indication, it can be cold.

Breckenridge Ski area at sunrise

Baldy Ridge Chalet, Breckenridge

Baldy Ridge Chalet was fantastic. Above town on the hill, it has a stunning sunrise view of the Breckenridge ski area. It featured a grand fireplace, a spacious kitchen and dining area, multiple suites plus a bunk room, a large game room and an outdoor hot tub. Positioned in the forest on long quiet driveway, it is a safe place for children to play. The property managers did a great job of remote check-in and extra cleanliness.

Trains, hiking & shopping

We made various small shopping trips to town, hiked in Hoosier Pass and Boreas Pass—both straddling the Continental Divide, and explored the nearby High Line Railroad Park.

The High Line was a narrow-gauge track that connected Breckenridge to the rest of the world. Its path over Boreas Pass at an elevation of 11,482 feet was steep and winding. The train service was often delayed due to the harsh weather, including deep snow, avalanches, and spring runoff, in addition to the continual derailments and accidents due to the sharp curves and steep grades. The route is now a road with viewpoints, historical markers, and trailheads.

One of my friends and I have a friendly competition over our color coordinated fashion and accessories on the ski hill. One of the highlights was finding coordinated Goodr sunglasses in pink for me and green for him and enjoying a good laugh over our silly fashion.

Modeling colored Goodr sunglasses

Birthday gifts

Julie K and kids with 2020 glasses

Celebrating my 40th birthday with the friends I love the most in beautiful mountains was priceless. They even surprised me with delicious homemade lemon cupcakes. The biggest heart-warming birthday gift of all was watching the six kiddos to which I am “Aunty” playing nonstop each day in the game room and the forest, creating fun memories together.

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