I’m an achiever who spent decades under the burden of expectation.

I want to cram it all in – fun and work – and do it all with excellence.

I am an introvert who is always looking for new ideas.

I value freedom of thought and movement.

Snow skiing is my therapy. Business hours are subject to change on powder days.

I am a dog mom. Team MoJo (Mochi and JoJo) are the canine royalty of my domestic domain and join the road trips. If they can find poop to roll in, even better!

I love beautiful shoes in unique styles and colors. I even tried to create my own Sex and the City closet.

I love to read and write. Biographies and first-person columns are my favorites.

I am a coach, dentist, entrepreneur, event host, real estate investor, speaker, and writer. (Listed in alphabetical order, of course)

My friend also made a photo that day. She captured the moment of me standing on the boulder, camera to my eye, Matterhorn in the skyline, as the energy flowed into me. That picture perfectly envelopes the essence of my soul: a restless girl exploring the mountains, camera poised, taking in the view and the texture which inspire her.

Julie K. pink snake skin boots propped up

If you're looking for a good kick in the butt to get you started, Julie's your coach...

~ J.V.

Julie K. pink snake skin boots propped up
Julie K working on laptop with coffee

Thank you for your support when I was having a difficult time understanding how to relate to a complex dynamic at the workplace. Your insight and resources gave me a much needed perspective on how to diffuse the tension and enter a new space of freedom and growth in my career. Your passion for personal growth is contagious and will lift up anyone that invests their time with you. You have changed the way I think. Thank you.

~ Roger

Julie K working on laptop with coffee