Thank you for your support when I was having a difficult time understanding how to relate to a complex dynamic at the workplace. Your insight and resources gave me a much needed perspective on how to diffuse the tension and enter a new space of freedom and growth in my career. Your passion for personal growth is contagious and will lift up anyone that invests their time with you. You have changed the way I think. Thank you.

- Roger

If you’re looking for a good kick in the butt to get you started, Julie’s your coach…

- J. V.

You’ve found something fascinating, here, in your articulation of the texture concept. Saying the word, ‘texture’ almost compels one to feel it. I found myself thinking, too, after reading your stories, about the feeling of time slowing in those moments, about the time it takes to allow texture to do its work on us, about allowing beauty and awe and healing.

- @danmarks