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Are you craving an escape from your life?

Are you constantly running?

Has your life become a checklist?

Is your spirit restless?

Do you want to feel a sense of freedom?

Do you dream of a trip to get away?

I’ve been in your shoes.
I’m here to inspire and support you.

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My Story of Texture

In the fall morning light, I looked into my backyard mesmerized. The rising sun changed the nuances of depth and color in the damp photographs. Reflections and refractions off the water droplets bounced as randomly as the emotions in my heart. In utter destruction and sadness there was fascinating texture and beauty.

For the very first time, I felt free.

My Travel Style


I haven’t quit my career to travel the world or ski bum.


I toggle between my overwhelming desire to be on the go and my need to stay quiet in my carefully curated home.


While I thoroughly enjoy outdoor adventures, I appreciate a hot shower and a comfy bed at the end of the day.


In the city, I enjoy wandering in search of beautiful architecture and delicious pastries.


I am the detail girl and fact-finder but I rarely plan a full itinerary. Rather I lock in the dates and destination, then freestyle it.