5G Coaching

Supporting quiet driven professionals

Get out of your head and into your senses.

Find freedom and discover possibility.


Why Coaching?

I’ve been in your shoes. Let’s take a walk together.

  • You are more than your achievements. Let’s focus on you as a whole person.
  • You have a constant conversation going in your head. Clarity is the ticket to inner stillness.
  • Learn to trust your internal GPS and you will access more freedom.
  • Life is more than a checklist. It can be a dimensional experience.

5G Coaching Guide


Honor what pulls you.
Quiet the monologue in your head.
Get into your senses and find texture.


Indulge your dreams and desires.
Be sensual in everything you do.
Experience vacation wherever you are.


Excite yourself into new action.
Shed the expectations you wear.
Create the essence of each day exactly the way you want.


Live your own freedom.
Experience inner stillness.
Design the ideal itinerary for your life and journey.


Accessorize your life.
Infuse enjoyment into your work and play.
Travel to celebrate you.

5G Coaching Process: An Investment in YOU

  • 1:1 coaching is fully focused on your personal journey.
  • We will begin with Discovery & Development session. This is a friendly conversation to get to know each other, discuss your goals and dreams, and determine a coaching plan for you.
  • Travel (exotic adventures or easy local jaunts) is part of this unique coaching experience.
  • Coaching packages are customized for you and utilize zoom, phone calls, messaging, and journals.
  • Feeling stuck in your head? Quick power sessions are available to support the freedom you crave.

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Coaching Simple

Julie K. pink snake skin boots propped up

If you're looking for a good kick in the butt to get you started, Julie's your coach...

~ J.V.

Julie K. pink snake skin boots propped up
Julie K working on laptop with coffee

Thank you for your support when I was having a difficult time understanding how to relate to a complex dynamic at the workplace. Your insight and resources gave me a much needed perspective on how to diffuse the tension and enter a new space of freedom and growth in my career. Your passion for personal growth is contagious and will lift up anyone that invests their time with you. You have changed the way I think. Thank you.

~ Roger

Julie K working on laptop with coffee

Julie K. is a Certified Professional Coach

Certified Professional Coach Badge from Coach Training World