Note to self Be more mindful

I love the seasons. 

The world looks different each season, my fashion and gear changes, the smells, spices and food changes. 

Seasons help keep me on track, moving forward, changing and adapting. 

I enjoy looking back at the various seasons of my life to garner new perspectives and reflect on how the experiences have prepared me for the future. 

I get excited and a little scared as I imagine upcoming seasons and the new looks and goals I want to manifest. 

Whether you feel stuck in a rut or you’re powering forward into a new goal, visualize the season around what you are doing. 

What are the sights, smells, sounds, colors, and textures associated with this season in your life? 

Whether those elements are changing or in full essence, allow them to fully surround you. Breathe deeply. Take a moment. Enjoy each season and look forward to the next season.

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